Rwanda Genocide Memorial Sites

Rwanda is known to have about 8 Genocide Memorial sites, the war took place in 1994 and these were put in place for commemoration of hazardous Genocide war. About a million people lost their lives and it’s believed that the war took place for about 100 days. Significant Genocide sites in Rwanda include:

Murambi Genocide Memorial site:
Visit Rwanda Genocide memorial sitesIt’s documented that close to 27, 00 people were slaughtered from this school. Ever since the war took place, people left the place to go settle somewhere else. Many corpses are still preserved and nobody is allowed to distract their peace. With the fast growing tourism industry in the country, the school has been renovated and used as an exhibition. Tourists that visit the area get free information about the history of Rwanda. Apart from corpes being exhibited, there are well preserved burial rooms where many were put for tourists to have a clear view. The people that will take you around the site are the war survivors; their story is touching with so much sadness. With the so many graves that were scattered, a single burial place was formed to give the victims a decent burial.

Gisozi Memorial site
This site is situated in Gasabo district adjacent to Kigali city. The site is acknowledged to be the site where majority of the Tutsi victims were slaughtered by the Hutus. In 2000, both victims were buried in the same area. In 2004, Gisozi becomes a tourism center with about 300,000 people that were buried. The Gisozi Memorial site has a display house, a cemetery, photo gallery and a library.
The site is planning to provide more history about Rwanda to the entire world.

Gisenyi Memorial site
Gisenyi memorial site is situated in Gisenyi peripheries. About 12000 remains of people that were killed during the 1994 genocide are stored. It’s acknowledged to be the first memorial site to be established by the support of Ibuka.The ministry of youth, sports and culture also contributed greatly. Bodies that were buried in this area were got from Nyundo and the nearby neighborhood of Corniche.The grave of madame Carr is also discovered around the site, she was an American that operated an orphanage called Imbabazi.

Nyamata memorial site
This memorial site is situated in Bugesera district. Formerly prior to the genocide, it was a church and during the war, close to 2500 people that had come to seek refuge were killed in the church. It covered a distance of 35kms away from Kigali city. The church is still in place as a memento for the 1994 Genocide.

Bisesero Memorial site
Get to know what happened in RwandaThe site is positioned in Karongi district in the foothills of Kibuye region of western Rwanda. It’s alleged that nearly 30,000 people were slaughtered in this area. They were handed over by the French soldiers due to their bravery and resistance they displayed. It was point for the Tutsis as they arranged to resist the Massacre. Because of their weak weapons, they were killed by the Hutus. Bisesero Memorial site is made up of 9 small structures that symbolize the 9 communities that originally formed the area of kibuye. Currently the site is known as the Hill of Resistance due to the brave resistance showed by the people of Bisesero against their enemies.

Nyarubuye Memorial Site
This memorial site was acknowledged to be a convent and a school where close to 20000 people were slaughtered and buried. The Tutsis were seriously killed as they tried to flee to Tanzania. Remains were stored in the convent for remembrance and the school in 2003 was renovated and currently operating with students.

Nyanza Memorial Site
Nyanza had a school called ETO, it was governed by the UN.They had come to offer security to the people of Rwanda prior to the genocide. When the war started, they went back to their country and all the people that had come to seek refuge were killed because there was no help from UN.Majority of the people were Tutsis and the few Hutus were taken away from school to be assassinated. A memorial ritual always takes place on April 11th to remember the people that were killed in cold blood.

Ntarama Memorial site
This genocide site is positioned approximately 30km off from Kigali town in Bugesera. It’s 1 hours drive from Kigali city. About 5000 people were killed in the church during the war. People had come to seek refuge as they thought that it was the only safe place to hide. A bigger number of people killed were children and women. Ever since that time, the church has not been cleared and now it’s an exhibition to tourists.